Eighty percent of people will experience some form of lower back pain in their life. Most likely this will occur during the middle stages of a person’s life even as early as someone in their mid-twenties. One common way of dealing with this pain is to visit a physical therapist.

Physical therapy can help someone identify the cause of low back pain and then work with a patient to help relieve that back pain through exercise. A physical therapist can identify bad posture habits and determine patient history that would explain the cause of pain. Once the cause of back pain is known, an exercise routine can be prescribed to the patient that would counteract the lower back pain.

Cold packs, hot packs, and even electric stimulation can also be used to control lower back pain.

GCPS offers physical therapy with the latest equipment to help a patient recover. Balance disorders, spinal conditions, neurological disorders, and the musculoskeletal system are among the conditions treated at GCPS.