"Dr. Fairleigh, I want to thank y'all so much for everything you have done for me. My lower back and leg pain has been reduced so much by the Spinal Cord Stimulator. I could have never gone or enjoyed my recent trip to Jamaica without you and your team."

- Elizabeth Lucassen


"Dr. Buchalter and his team are the answer to not just mine but many who suffer from chronic pain and feel hopeless."

- D. Ripling

"Superb doctors, I really like them."

- C. Morgan

"Dr. Griffee, I will never be able to thank you enough for all the medical assistance that your staff gave me, including your office help. Your service is the best that I have ever experienced in my lifetime when it comes to compassion and understanding and is run with absolute, routine, and individual concern for every patient. I haven't found one person who didn't have anything to say but praise for Gulf Coast Pain Institute and of course for "all" of your doctors. Under your care I did not have to take meds the way I would have with other doctors. I appreciated all of your steps in treatment." 09/2017

- M. Malin

“I want to first thank you for the kindness you showed me, the time you took to hear me and mostly for something I haven’t heard for almost 17 years! You said that there was HOPE.”

- A. McBride

"The front desk is always so nice."

- Anonymous

"The nursing staff provided me with great treatment.  They are wonderful
listeners.  David Downey, PA provided top notch care.  My overall experience
today made my 3 ½ hour drive time worth the trip!  A huge thanks to Dr
Larkins and his staff at GCPI for treating me like a human"

- J. Tucker

 "Everyone at the front desk is very friendly and knowledgeable about my

- C. Carter

“Greetings Dr. Griffee, I hope you had a peaceful weekend, you deserve the best of everything. Your staff does as well. I need to say that I've be overwhelmed by you and your staff's professionalism and thoughtfulness. Thanks isn't the best word but, it's the only one that comes to mind. My prescription for pain could not be filled because Rx Express didn't have the 200mg pill, instead, I needed two separate prescriptions. In less than 24 hours your staff explained my situation to you, and you wrote the appropriate order without compromising my continuity of care. That's teamwork, professionalism, and thoughtfulness of my problem. Thank all of you for giving me your best EVERYTIME, ALL OF THE TIME. You give me hope because I know you all genuinely care. Thank you"

– D. Norman

 "Dr. Griffee and Mark Cattell, PA are excellent."

- R. Wyrick

"All the staff here are so friendly and help you in any way they can."

- N. Cheatham

"Very professional, courteous, and respectful. Go right to the cause and don't just give heavy pain pills"

- H. Hard

"The friendliness of all of the staff is my favorite thing about this practice!  They make my experience enjoyable (if a doctors visit can be that pleasant)! I'm not a person that likes doctors offices or visits, but this experience -like all of my visits- proves me wrong" 07/2017

- C. Fox

"The people in the Chiro department are awesome!" 08/2017

- A. Laughman

"Dr. Larkins is one of the nicest, most compassionate people I have ever met."

-J. Hawkins

"Friendly and Convenient! Absolutely love this place and every experience is WONDERFUL!"

– W. Swann

"Quick, Efficient, and most importantly EFFECTIVE."

- V. Caton

"I have too many “favorites” about this place to mention – My overall experience with every department has always been above and beyond.  I have no complaints at all and just want to say “Thank you all” for all that you do for me!  (You are all the best!)   There is not anything that could be improved upon at Gulf Coast Pain Institute! The care that I have received here is remarkable!"

– W. Norris

"The physical therapy staff are BEAUTIFUL!  You are always greeted with a smile and treated with respect and dignity! Please continue on the path you are on!"

– D. Moffett

"The personal approach to my individual problems with my back is one of my favorite things about Gulf Coast Pain Institute . The kind people upfront are my favorites and always make me happy to see them!"

– P. Walker

"Dr. Rimmy’s interactions with his patients is wonderful! He always goes out of his way to know his patients."

– R. Burgon

“My favorite thing about the practice is how much GCPI truly cares about getting a fix on/for your pain, not just a bandaide.  They (the staff) really spends time with each time and every time to cater to my own chronic pain” 

– E. Wheeler

“MT, PT, Chiro, Jackie, and Dr. Rimmy are great!”

– L. Justice

“Everyone in PT is very pleasant to be around every time you have an appointment.  That kind of help is hard to find!  Ya’ll are very lucky to have them all”

– Unknown

“Dr. Garrett is the best!” 

– G. Holmes

“Love Dr. Fairleigh! Very compassionate and caring” 

– M. Ross

“The best thing about GCPI is the front desk and the legal liaison!” 

– Unknown

“The best thing about GCPI is the friendliest, caring, and prompt attention!” 

– J. Williams

“My favorite thing is how easy and nice everyone makes the process!  I like the nice folks, they are the best!  I love David!  He is awesome!” 

– T. Stokes

“This is an awesome office experience all the way around” 

– M. Brandon

“Everyone makes me feel comfortable in a nice environment. I am able to talk and explain how I feel when I feel good or bad. The treatment that I receive here is top notch. I feel that I am in good hands” 

– E. Taraska